Bob the Builder

Weekdays at 1:40pm ET



Bob is the resident builder for Fixham and Spring City and there‘s no job too big for him. Bob is always confident that everything will turn out fine – even if the odds seem stacked against him.



Wendy is Bob’s building partner and plays a central role in the team. Her general building skills mean that she’s very hands on and has her own specific job in every build. Her speciality is electrics so where there’s electrical work to be done it’s always Wendy who’s responsible.



Leo is an apprentice to Bob and Wendy on day release from college. He lives with his dad, Curtis, who runs the local garage in Fixham. Leo is young, streetwise, eager to learn about the world of building and desperate to become a builder in his own right. But he has a short attention span and is easily distracted.


Scoop is Bob’s best friend and the unofficial team leader of the machines. Because Scoop’s a natural leader, there’s the potential for a bit of rivalry with Leo if Bob leaves his apprentice in charge of some element of a build.



The youngest of the machines, Muck wants to make everyone happy. He’s endearing, wide-eyed and innocent. Definitely not the sharpest tool in the box, he’s enthusiastic and excitable about everything – especially building! Whatever Bob’s latest job is, Muck can’t wait to get going on it. He has a big smile and is a positive source of joy.


Lofty is a mobile crane. His crane arm can extend by at least twice its closed length and he has stabilisers that come out horizontally and then drop down. He can lift heavy materials such as steels, insulation and timber. He can also occasionally wield a wrecking ball for demolition.


Dizzy is a cement mixer, pure and simple. A ball of energy, she talks nineteen to the dozen. She’s smart, witty, nerdy and neurotic, and thinks she knows more than all the other machines in the yard put together! She knows the rules and insists on following them to the T!


Roley likes to be clean, shiny and pristine. With Roley, everything has to be done to perfection with no spills and no dirt on his paintwork – which is never going to be easy on a building site! He’s always obsessed with getting the road perfectly smooth and will check it ten times over for any bumps or blemishes.


Tiny is a cab, power unit, gantry and crane that can be attached to different, fixed, tall towers. He can feature either on the move on a low-loader or at a site where a high crane is required. He is often to be found at the Spring City skyscraper. He stands above the city and can lift even the heaviest building materials into place.

Two Tonne

Two-Tonne is a big, strong, diesel-powered cab unit who is usually attached to a lowloader. Other units can be attached in its place, making him very adaptable, that can haul heavy materials and equipment on one of a selection of trailers.

Mayor Madison

Maria 'Mayor' Madison

Maria is the Mayor of Spring City and its surrounding area. She lives in the Town Hall, which is in Fixham. Smart and dynamic, she plans to turn Spring City into the most exciting place in the country.


Mr. Bentley

Mr. Bentley is Maria’s right hand man and rushes around chaotically trying to keep up and get some order into the mad dash that is her typical day.