Dragon Rescue Riders: Heroes of the Sky

Weekends at 9:30am ET

About the Show

Dragons Rescue Riders is about two twins, Dak and Leyla who lead a team of five dragons on adventures to rescue and help dragons and humans around their adopted home of Huttsgalor. While this series is set in the How to Train Your Dragon universe it features all new characters, locations and stories aimed at younger audience. It’s the story of twins Dak and Leyla who were rescued from a shipwreck at a very early age by a kindly mother dragon who raised them alongside her own son, Winger. Because they were raised by dragons, Dak and Leyla cannot only ride dragons, they have learned to speak their language and what sounds like growls or roars to anyone else, sound like perfect English to them. Now, these two kids and their five dragon friends pay forward their mother’s kindness by rescuing dragons and people.



Saturday, June 22

Gludge-Tastic Voyage


Sunday, June 23

Dragon Out of Water

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