Franny’s Feet

Everyday at 5:10am ET

About the Show

This delightfully animated pre-school series tells the exciting tales of a little girl with truly fantastic feet! When Franny tries on shoes in her grandfather’s repair shop, they take her on magical adventures to different parts of the world, where she meets fascinating characters with unusual problems. Along the way, Franny becomes a friend to her audience, sharing her feelings, fears and advice, and joins them in learning all about empathy, co-operation and appreciating the diversity in others. You are never too small or too young to be a big help!



Thursday, January 18

Like Magic/Scatterbrained Squirrel


Friday, January 19

Armadillo Allergy/Bee Patient


Saturday, January 20

Unhappy Hippo/Westward Ho


Sunday, January 21

Shiver Me Timbers/Mount Do It Later


Monday, January 22

Mischievous Magpies/Snowy Jamaica

All show times listed are in Eastern Standard


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