Kate & Mim-Mim

Weekdays at 2:35pm ET


Kate is enthusiastic. She’s creative and positive. Kate is ready to lead the gang out of the trouble they get themselves into!


Mim-Mim is very excited about anything that comes his way. He is very kind, caring and a great best friend to Kate.


Gobble is a gardener who lives in his garden full of vegetables. He is very thoughtful and likes to think things through!


Tack loves to build new tools and devices. He also loves to solve problems that the gang runs into.


Lily is very fashionable. She loves to look her best. She is very friendly, intelligent, and smart and loves to solve any problems that come her way.


Boomer is very adventurous. He loves to play in the mud, and doesn’t let anyone stop him from having a lot of fun!