Messy Goes to OKIDO

Every day at 1:55am ET


Meet the smallest, most curious, most inquisitive furry blue monster in all of OKIDO! Messy loves to ask, test, play and frolic as he finds answers to his most imaginative questions.


Zoe is Messy’s best friend and a twin to Felix! She’s impetuous, go-getting and always ready to explore.


Zoe’s twin and Messy’s other best friend, Felix is very imaginative and always up for adventure!

Zim, Zam and Zoom

Meet a brilliant science trio! Zim is a big-thinking computer always ready to explain a theory. Zim is a triangular engineering expert who likes to fix rockets and make things in her workshop. And Zoom hovers like a hummingbird, making zoomy noises and is able to morph into any shape!