Noddy, Toyland Detective

Weekdays at 4:30pm ET


Noddy is brave, clever and super curious. He is always on the case and ready to leap into action whenever there’s a mystery to solve. Noddy wants to be the best toy investigator ever and uses a range of investigating skills – like discovering clues, remembering, collecting, listening, thinking and making connections – to help him find the answers. By asking who, what, when, where, why and how, Noddy is always ready to help his friends and meet the challenges of every new investigation to solve the case. Well done, Noddy!


Noddy’s car Revs is not just a mechanical vehicle, he’s a living, breathing car who expresses himself through honks, beeps, and well…revs! He’s loyal, trustworthy and loves going on adventures with Noddy to help him search for clues. Revs can also transform into a helicopter whenever Noddy needs to fly high on an investigation – whether it’s to discover what’s at the end of the rainbow or figure out what’s happened to a precious paper plane!

Bumpy Dog

Bumpy is an excitable, enthusiastic and lovable wooden toy dog who is always by Noddy’s side. He is eager to help investigate by tracking scents and looking for clues, but because Bumpy is a puppy, he can easily be distracted by an interesting smell or a fun game. He loves playing with the Pockets and chasing the Animal Acres farm cat. Bumpy might be wooden, but in every other way, he’s a typical bouncy, floppy, happy dog.

Mr. Squeaks

Mr. Squeaks is an old rubber squeaky toy, a bit worn out and cracking at the edges, but full of wisdom. Warmhearted and jolly, Mr. Squeaks is a wise grandfather figure who mentors Noddy, giving him guidance and encouragement on his investigations.


Pat-Pat is a sweet and friendly panda bear who sees the best in everyone. She is very creative and loves painting, drawing, making collages and playing dress-up. She lives in her treehouse with the “Pocket Pat-Pats”, who are smaller versions of her. The Pockets are squeaky little balls of energy equally fond of playing games and making things. Pat-Pat has a touch-activated trigger in her paw that can play music whenever she wishes, so that she and the Pockets can dance all day long – and they would!