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Apollo is a purple and green dog. He loves space and often imagines he’s travelling on his own rocket ship. Apollo has a little separation anxiety – hide and seek can be stressful to him. He is the happiest when the gang is all together.


Cowbella, a pink, purple and white cow, is very neat and organized. She is also very well-mannered (as all European cows are, of course).


Squacky is a very excitable blue and yellow duck. He’s a little – well, a LOT – on the hyper side. He loves practical jokes, rhyming, and bouncing off the walls (literally!). Reading is one of the only things that will settle him down.

Sweetpea Sue

Sweetpea Sue is a pink and orange pony with a southern drawl. She can be pretty shy, unless someone attempts to break up her routine. She is very hygenic and takes care to brush her big, bucked teeth and wash her hooves before bed.