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Mac is a lot like his kid Jacob. He’s very adventurous and loves nothing more than pushing the play into new and exciting territory. He’s also a bit of a joker and button pusher. He will push the other stuffed animals past their limits to benefit their kids. Even though he’s a stuffed animal who’s never left the attic, Mac is the type of stuffie who will bring home a stray dog, explore the “haunted woods” or go on an adventure to Mars. And, despite his thirst for adventure, Mac’s biggest defining feature is that he has a big heart and he will do anything for his kid.


Sammy is a lot like his kid Enzo. He’s a worrywart. He’s got an overactive imagination and always, always imagines the worst possible outcome when Mac suggests that they take up the kids’ playdate mission. He eventually will go along with whatever Mac suggests but usually only because he knows how much it will mean to Enzo. The only problem is that, once Sammy agrees to join an adventure, he ends up having to be rescued. There might be a reason he’s a bit of a worrywart.


Priscilla is a lot like her kid Molly. She’s a bit prickly, and kind of afraid of her own shadow, but really lovable once you get to know her. There’s usually only one thing that can make Priscilla get over her fears and that’s how much she loves Molly. Priscilla doesn’t like to be pushed into things and she likes doing things her way, but she is a little bit curious and wants to have fun, she’s just a little bit hesitant, luckily her friends can talk her into anything and she usually ends up having a blast.


Buckie is a lot like her kid Quinn. She’s adventurous and always down to try new things, especially new games! She’s fearless and is always up for whatever adventure Mac suggests- sometimes even before Mac suggests it! She gets so excited about new things that she ends up running head first towards them. Buckie doesn’t stop and think or look before she leaps, Buckie just goes. Sometimes Buckie’s need for speed gets her into trouble but if there’s one thing that can make her slow down, it’s her love for her kid Quinn.