Polly Pocket

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Polly Pocket is clever, confident, curious and caring. Whenever she’s told that she’s “too little” to go down the biggest waterslide, ride the wildest horse, or pilot a rocket ship, she takes that as a personal challenge. Polly is an inventor, builder and crafter, piecing together magnificent creations from objects she has lying around. Polly is the ringleader and instigator among her friends. She has a contagious charisma and passion for her plans that draws others to her.


Shani is pragmatic, cautious, and careful. With her brains, Shani knows that there’s a 1 in 836,973 chance of Polly’s plan working…but Polly’s reaction is, “So, you’re saying there’s a chance!” Shani’s insight often leads Polly to her final “ah-ha!” moment that gets them out of trouble.


Lila is the entrepreneurial fashion maven of the group. She’s bold, colourful and never shies away from mixing prints. She believes in the power of accessories (which comes in handy during adventures with Polly). With her fashion powers, Lila is a master of disguise and can camouflage her tiny friends so that they can fit in anywhere. She’s always looking for a way to make a buck that can be used as start-up capital for her fashion empire.

Grandma Pocket

Grandma Pocket is Polly’s grandmother. Standing at just under five foot, her diminutive stature belies her big personality. Like Polly, Grandma is an adventurer and even though she’s aged (like, as Grandma would say, “a fine cheese!”), she’s just as active as ever. As Grandma tells Polly, each person who owned the locket used it to show that the littlest person can make the biggest difference. Even Grandma had a turn with the locket, being the first woman on the moon, and used her pocket powers to make the moon landing successful. One pocket-sized step for humans, one big step for humankind!


Griselle Grande was one of Polly’s Grandma’s best friends, until Griselle discovered Grandma’s locket and became obsessed with its power. Griselle thinks the perfect way to control a town full of unruly, disrespectful plebeians would be to shrink them down to size and keep them in the clean confines of her orderly miniature town. Griselle tried to steal the locket from Grandma, but in the scuffle the locket was broken and would seemingly never work again. When Griselle discovered that Polly had the locket working once again, her highest priority became stealing the locket!


Gwen Grande is Griselle’s granddaughter, protégé, and henchgirl, and a schoolmate of Polly and her pals. Unwavering in her support of Griselle’s ideology, Gwen does her best to help Griselle achieve her dream of stealing Polly’s locket. But Gwen is often the biggest hindrance to enacting Griselle’s plans.