Rainbow Ruby

Weekdays at 10:25am ET

Rainbow Ruby - Ruby


Ruby is a kind, spirited 6-year-old girl who loves to help her family and friends in Rainbow Village. Confident, clever and resourceful, this natural-born leader has the ability to look at problems as exciting challenges, and her creativity and optimism lead to all sorts of out-of-the-box solutions. Whenever Ruby gets the signal, she can’t wait to grab Choco, her teddy bear best friend, and head to Rainbow Village. With her Rainbow Roller suitcase full of magical tools and accessories, Ruby can transform into anything she wants to get the job done and help out her Rainbow Village family!

Rainbow Ruby - Choco


Ruby’s beloved teddy bear, cuddly Choco, goes everywhere Ruby goes. He is the heart of each adventure for it is his glowing “ruby heart” that magically provides the joining of Ruby’s two worlds. Ruby’s toymaker dad placed this mysterious gem inside Choco when he made him for baby Ruby. Choco doesn’t speak but is extremely expressive and very funny!

Rainbow Ruby - Ling Ling

Ling Ling

The beloved Mayor of Rainbow Village, Ling Ling summons Ruby on behalf of the villagers through Choco’s gem heart. He is a gentle and respected elephant whose kind heart and wisdom are a source of comfort and guidance for the villagers and sets a tone for their family-like community. While Ling Ling always tries to keep his noble composure, he’s prone to worry and becomes easily flustered when things don’t go according to plan. He occasionally uses his trunk to trumpet a joyful tune or summon villagers to Town Square.

Rainbow Ruby - Gina


This puppet has a flying ship and a flair for fun! Energetic, brave and always hungry for adventure, Gina can get easily carried away when joining Ruby on a helping mission. She also loves telling humourously over-the-top tales of adventure in Rainbow Village!

Rainbow Ruby - Thunderbell


This fast-talking, scooter-riding messenger rabbit has a need for speed! Thunderbell is super excitable and easily distracted. He can also be a bit forgetful and because of this, often gets the story a little bit wrong…just enough to create confusion! He always wants to help but tends to take on more than he can actually handle.

Princess Kiki

Princess Kiki

Introducing the most princess-y princess in all the land! Living in a fanciful snowglobe-encased castle, Kiki tends to forget that not everyone rides in a royal carriage or has 400 pairs of sparkly shoes. She may be a little clueless about the practical, but her pure, kind princess heart is always in the right place.



Ellie is a gentle, nature-loving sheep. At home, she is Ruby’s light-up doll, but alive in Rainbow Village, she lives in a pretty barn where she enjoys knitting gifts for her friends and caring for the toy block-shaped farm animals. She also tends to her lovely plants and flowers, singing them simple melodies to help them grow. The soft glow of Ellie’s belly serves as a beacon when needed and flickers when she’s frightened.

Jessy & Daisy

Jessy & Daisy

What would a toy village be without a resident baby doll? This adorable toddler speaks like a typical three-year-old, using simple phrases to communicate thoughts, needs and big, big feelings! She adores Ruby, who cares for her like a little sister, and Daisy is her ever-present pet companion. Together, this curious duo creates lots of silly, unintentional mischief throughout Rainbow Village!