Rev & Roll

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Rev Wheeler

Rev is an enthusiastic, eight-year-old go-getter with unlimited energy! His energy and “go big or go bigger” attitude, combined with Rumble’s truck power, are all the ingredients Rev needs to soup-up all kinds of full-throttle adventures. Raised in a loving family and encouraged by his parents to be self-reliant, embrace challenges and not get discouraged in the face of problems, Rev has become a bright, imaginative leader, brimming with self-confidence. He’s allowed to learn through trial and error. And because of this, Rev has  a lot of confidence that—through truck power—he and Rumble can do anything.


Rumble is a mighty, multi-use, all-terrain and all-terrific vehicle with all the endearing personality of a dog. He’s the perfect pet, and the whole Wheeler family adores him and his playful energy. Although he can’t speak, a playful “beep beep” and wag of his tow cable show exactly what he’s thinking. Rumble has a powerful, growly engine and his multi-use attachments mean he’s capable of anything a big truck can do. He’s has been Rev’s best four-wheeled friend from day one, and will happily follow Rev wherever the road takes them.

Avery Lin

Avery is Rev’s best friend and together they make the perfect team. Avery is just as bright and adventurous as Rev, and they love to compete with each other. Plus, she has a practical streak that means she can always hatch a plan to turn Rev’s craziest ideas into reality—or call Rev out when he goes too far. A feisty thrill-seeker, Avery is always eager to amp up the group’s adventures. Avery is very mechanically gifted, so her friends can always count on her to trick out their vehicle buddies with awesome new gear and fix bumps, dents and scrapes. Combine that with her love of animals and ranch living, and this makes Avery one part leader, one part thrill seeker, and all cowgirl.


Alley is a fun loving truck who brings non-stop playful antics to the group. Because of this fun feline-like personality, Alley can be a bit of a prankster, hiding on Rev and Rumble or even on Avery! She’ll wait until the last minute, then she’ll playfully pounce, blasting her horn and making them yelp with fright! When the tables are turned, Alley’s cat-like reflexes cause her to jump ten feet straight up in the air when spooked. She’ll also avoid getting wet at all costs, which means carefully avoiding the car wash…and sometimes Spritzer.


Owen is all about speed. If something can be done faster, it should be done faster…even when it’s clearly not a good idea. A super-fast talker, Owen loves to explain the action at lighting speed, with lots of dramatic sound effects. He’ll interrupt what’s going on to play sportscaster or race announcer, giving play-by-plays of the gang’s antics, whether they want to hear it or not. Owen is super enthusiastic and high-energy, always keen to amp up the fun in a situation or zoom into action—but he can be a little sensitive and gets upset when he can’t do something. He’s especially good friends with Bo, and is extremely supportive of the whole gang.


Crash is Owen’s froggy race car, who shares Owen’s need for speed! Together they can pull of thrilling stunts and push each other to go faster and faster. Their friends love to watch Owen and Crash’s daredevil antics, which can also be a huge help when the gang’s in a tight spot. But this speedy duo can also throw them off course in the blink of an eye by jumping into action a little too fast.


Lori is a gentle, dreamy cowgirl who is always keen to lend a hand to anyone in Fender Bend. Rev calls her Super Helper Lori! She has the strength to match powerful Tipper, so together, they can tackle big jobs and make a sizeable dent in any workload. But that doesn’t go to her head!  Lori is always sweet and kind, and an enthusiastic (sometimes over-the-top) cheerleader for all of her friends. You can count on Lori to see the positive side of any situation…even if she’s the only one who can.


Tipper is Lori’s loyal companion with the power and stoic personality of a big draft horse. He’s a calm, gentle but strong dump truck who’s always keen to use every last square inch of his truck bed to get a job done. Tipper always has Lori’s back, and will catch whatever she drops. Together, Lori and her gentle giant might be quiet and mild-mannered on the outside, but they have some serious strength and determination that shouldn’t be underestimated and can always be relied upon.


Bo dreams of being a fireman, and he’s well on his way! He’s caring, loyal, and a little goofy. Super safety conscious, he likes to think things through every time there’s a decision to make. Bo considers all the options before getting on board with one of Rev’s crazy ideas. Sometimes he just comes along so he can protect them if anything goes wrong (which it usually does). He’s a bit of a worrywart and gets scared easily, but he isn’t afraid to admit it. And of course, he’s happy to use Spritzer’s fire hose whenever the gang needs a wash—or a blast of safety foam for an emergency soft landing! Bo and Owen are especially close friends—even though they seem like total opposites, their offbeat personalities are perfectly in sync and they make a great complementary team.