Space Ranger Roger

Weekdays at 1:15pm ET


Roger is a small alien with a big job! He is training to be a Space Ranger, which means it’s his mission to help Earth friends in need, with the support of his Ranger Bots. He is committed to the Space Ranger credo — “A friend in need is a mission for me!”. Roger is brave, compassionate, smart, capable, and a creative problem solver. He always sees the best this strange new world has to offer, even if he doesn’t understand it at first. His alien point of view might lead him to make the wrong choice at times, but luckily Roger is quick on his feet. It doesn’t take him long to figure things out and get back on track. Like any young kid, whether Earthling or alien, Roger can get overwhelmed by the challenge of making sense of new things or befriending aliens who don’t see eye-to-eye with him (if they even have eyes!). But, with a little help from Friend Ship and his faithful bot pup Rover, Roger will always push through and find the solution to any problem.


Rover is Roger’s best friend and faithful robo-pup, always at his side. As Roger’s closest teammate, Rover accompanies Roger on all of his missions. With his extra dog-like sensors, Rover will often be the one to discover and point out a vital clue with a helpful “Boof! Boof!” Like any Earth dog, he loves belly rubs, ear scratches, hugs, and playing fetch!

Data Bot

Data Bot is the only bot other than Rover who goes everywhere with Roger. A small, floating ball-shaped bot equipped with sound ports and a holographic projector, he hovers around Roger like a little thought bubble. Data Bot provides Roger with the information he needs to complete his missions. With a quick scan he’s able to identify mysterious Earth objects or creatures, and he also acts as a universal translator for any animal.

Tool Bot

Tool Bot is the handyman of Roger’s bot crew, and acts like a Swiss Army Knife equipped with a variety of useful tools — a hammer, plunger, screwdriver, and more. Tool Bot is always excited to bring out his biggest, fastest, most powerful tools…whether the situation really calls for it or not. He believes that just about any problem can be solved with the installation of a “#9 hyperdrive—the one with the racing stripe.” He’s the hammer and all the world’s a nail…until his supersonic tools and lack of patience send everything spinning out of control!

Garbage Bot

Garbage Bot is Roger’s garbage disposal unit. He has a voracious appetite for garbage, but isn’t always good at identifying what’s garbage and what’s not. He’ll eat anything he sees, no matter how weird, gross, or not-garbage-like. He overstuffs himself, burps, and then spits out a useful item recycled from all the garbage he’s eaten!

Tidy Bot

A completely obsessive neat freak, Tidy Bot will go to any extreme to clean whatever he deems “untidy” — even if it’s not actually that dirty. Equipped with a brush, broom, vacuum hose, and other cleaning attachments, Tidy Bot is very fussy and fastidious, and the soul of persistence in the face of ridiculous odds. He’s all about the details and often doesn’t see the big picture beyond the specks of dust and dirt.

Big Bot

This gentle giant bot is fitted with super strong hydraulics, allowing him to lift, push or pull pretty much anything. Big Bot is very friendly, always waving, smiling, and saying “Hello, sir!” to everyone and everything he meets — whether animal, vegetable or mineral. However, he often forgets his own strength and knocks himself over with a simple salute, before regaining composure with a good-natured chuckle.

Build Bot

Build Bot is Roger’s own genius inventor, who functions as an amazing 3D printer that can build anything Roger needs to complete his mission, from a tire to a truck to a trampoline. This eccentric bot has a very active imagination, and wants to use the best technology to build the best objects possible — which often makes his creations a bit too good for the job. Thus, a simple balloon becomes a giant runaway inflatable dinosaur.

Liqui Bot

This artistic bot is always excited to paint her latest masterpiece! With a selection of icky-liqui-sticky-stuff at her command, Liqui Bot can grease, stick or slime anything for Roger’s missions. However, she tends to get carried away with her creations, having to go back and minimize the effects on objects, bots or creatures with a liqui-remedy!