Super WHY!

Weekdays at 11:30am ET

About the Show

The SUPER WHY mission is to inspire children to develop a lifelong love of reading and books.

The adventures take place in Storybrook Village, a magical three-dimensional world behind the shelves in your library. All of your favorite fairytale characters live there, including four best friends: Red, from Little Red Ridinghood, Pig from The Three Little Pigs, Princess from The Princess & the Pea, and Whyatt, the curious younger brother of Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk, who discovers he has the power to fly inside books to find the answers to his questions.

Whenever there is a question or problem in Storybrook Village, Whyatt calls his fairytale friends to their secret clubhouse, “The Book Club”, where they transform into literacy-powered superheroes: Alpha Pig, with “Alphabet Power,” Wonder Red, with “Word Power,” Princess Presto, with “Spelling Power,” Super Why, with the “Power to Read,” and Super You, with the “Power to Help!” Together, our main characters and the Home Viewer are the “SUPER READERS!” The Super Readers jump inside books to find the answers to their problems. Super Why and the Super Readers…to the rescue!



Friday, June 21

Jack and the Beanstalk


Friday, June 21

The Tortoise and the Hare


Saturday, June 22

Goldilocks And The Three Bears


Sunday, June 23

The Boy Who Cried Wolf


Monday, June 24


All show times listed are in Eastern Standard


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