The Smurfs

About the Show

Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy, Clumsy and all our favourite Smurfs are back! Together with their friends from the girls’ village, these little blue elves are more mischievous than ever, just like their funny, endearing new companions!

Outside the village, in the heart of the forest, lives Wild Smurf! A mischievous character with a strong connection to animal life, whose temper and strange ways will shake up the Smurfs’ daily routine.

Also in the forest, we meet Leaf, the fairy destined to replace Mother Nature. This little girl does not have full command of her powers yet, but her appeal is irresistible as she faces many challenges in an even more fascinating, magical world.

Constantly pursued by the determined Gargamel and Azrael, and ogres Bigmouth and Egghead, the Smurfs and their friends will enchant audiences of all ages with exciting and hilarious adventures!



Wednesday, November 29

Alien Smurf


Wednesday, November 29

My Smurf the Hero


Thursday, November 30

Smurf your Seat Belts! (Come Smurf Away with me)


Thursday, November 30

Bringing up Smurfy


Thursday, November 30

Leaf it Alone

All show times listed are in Eastern Time (ET).