Thomas & Friends

Weekdays at 6:05pm ET


Thomas is the number 1 blue engine. He is a very hard worker who always strives to do his best. Even when he knows there are other engines more suitable for a certain job, he likes to help out any way that he can!


Percy is the number 6 engine. Percy is good friends with Thomas and his favourite job is to bring over the mail!


James is the number 5 engine. He tries to do all sorts of different jobs even though there are better engines that can do it. This tends to get him in trouble!


Gordon is the number 4 engine. He is very sweet, and caring. He is very quick and very strong even though he is older than the rest of the engines. He loves to help his fellow engines out!


Emily is a green engine. She can come across as bossy, but is always there for her friends when they need her help!


Henry is the number 3 engine. He is a quick engine though he does tend to be afraid a lot.

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