Tickety Toc

Every day at 2:45am ET


Tommy is the funny one of the two. He loves adventure. He likes to go through with things without thinking them through and hopes for the best outcome!


Tallulah is the more creative of the two. She comes up with ideas to solve any problems that her and Tommy run into. She is very imaginative!


Pufferty is a very helpful and caring dog who always helps people get around the town!


McCoggins is a repairman. He loves to invent new gadgets. He is also very kind and gentle.


Hopparoo is a rabbit. He is always looking for trouble and he usually has an accident!


Tooteroo is a perfectionist, and unlucky owl. He is seen usually hooting different tunes and trying to accomplish tasks but rarely succeeding.

Madame Au Lait

Madame Au Lait is a very caring cow, who always loves to cook and clean!


Battersby is a bat.  He is always seen flying around and is always the first to fall asleep!


Chikidee is a chicken who is a weather reporter.