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Meet Caillou, the lovable four-year-old with a BIG imagination!


Although some know her in the workplace as Doris, she’s known as Mommy in Caillou’s household. Caillou loves to help his Mommy with grocery shopping and running errands – they even love to bake and do arts and crafts together!


Caillou loves to help his dad, Boris, fix things around the house or have fun at the park. Caillou can always count on his dad to be goofy while learning important life lessons.


At 2 years old, Rosie is a giggly little girl who loves to play tricks on her big brother Caillou. She also loves playing with Caillou, who helps her navigate the big world ahead.


Gilbert is Caillou’s cat! He likes playing Hide and Seek or Dinosaur Hunter, but most of all, he loves curling up with Caillou and Rose at naptime.


Ever since Caillou met Leo in day care, these two mischief makers have been inseparable best friends who always know how to have a good time – whether they are relocating the sandbox by hand or pretending to be dinosaurs!


A tomboy at heart, Clementine loves exploring the outdoors and especially loves finding insects! Fuelled in part by her older brother Billy, Clementine is fearless and often encourages Caillou to take on ever-greater challenges, such as climbing to the top of the big kids slide.


Sarah is six and knows so many neat things, like what it feels like to lose your front teeth! Confident and capable, Sarah teaches Caillou about the wonders of reading and writing and often shows Caillou things he’s never seen before – like chopsticks and the inside of the big kids’ school!