Sunny Bunnies

Weekdays at 6:45am ET


Iris is bubbly, brave and always laughing. Although she can sometimes make a scene, she loves travelling and knows lots of games and practical jokes. She also can’t live without her bow!


Shiny is kind of a daydreamer and slightly shy — but also a bit fearsome! She’s into cool hairstyles and dreams of becoming a model. She also loves cream cakes!


This leader is fair and honest although often a little a bit too confident and impatient! Turbo believes he knows the answer to everything because of his quick thinking, and sometimes, to everyone’s surprise, he’s right!


The youngest and smallest of the Sunny Bunnies, Hopper is curious and restless. Quick, nimble and agile, he’s a fast runner but his ability gets him into trouble more often than the others and he needs to be rescued!

Big Boo

Big Boo is a kind soul. He’s a little clumsy but very strong. He likes exercising a lot but loves food even more — especially ice cream!