Super WHY!

Weekdays at 11:30am ET

Super Why

The ultimate preschool superhero with the “Power to Read,” Super Why leads the Super Reader team through amazing, reading-charged adventures. With a lightning-flash “Zap” from his powerful Why Writer, Super Why can transform words and sentences to magically alter a story and change the ending! He also collects super letters using his Super Duper Computer, a nifty electronic device, to decode the Super Story Answers. He can stretch, freeze or rewind the story and even hover with his special hover powered sneakers. Putting together all of the reading skills of the other Super Readers, plus vocabulary and comprehension, Super Why demonstrates the “Power to Read.” Super Why is super smart and super strong, but he still needs the help of the Super Readers, including Super You to save the day!

Princess Presto

Princess Presto magically makes things appear and happen in the story with her spectacular spelling and writing skills! Dressed in her beautiful ball gown and sparkling crown, she twirls to the rescue! Waving her magic wand, she models to the Home Viewer how to form letters and make magic. Princess Presto might spell “dress” to get Cinderella ready for the ball or spell the word “open” to make a drawbridge open the door to the giant’s castle. She can also pull almost any item out of her magic purse. Princess Presto is sometimes surprised by her own powers and it is not too rare that when she uses her magic wand – “Presto!” – she is knocked off her feet. Luckily, Princess Presto has a good sense of humor. Although a bit clumsy at times, when it comes to spelling and writing she knows her stuff. Princess Presto is always very regal and proud when her spelling skills help save the day.

Alpha Pig

With his Amazing Alphabet Tools, Alpha Pig uses alphabet skills to overcome obstacles in the story! Wearing his signature Alpha Pig costume and tool belt and carrying his trusty toolbox, Alpha Pig slides in to the rescue. He asks the Home Viewer to help with alphabet games, such as singing an original alphabet song to make letters appear and identifying individual letters and their sounds. Using these alphabet skills, Alpha Pig might fix a sign that tells us which way the Wolf went, lasso letters from a tree to show us the way on our adventure, or build alphabet stairs to climb a beanstalk. Even as his superhero self, Alpha Pig sometimes needs encouragement to jump in and use his powers, but once he does, he really knows his letters and helps the Super Readers to save the day. As the youngest Super Reader, he looks up to the other Super Readers, including Super You.

Wonder Red

Wonder Red skates on to the scene to solve word problems and move the story forward! With her super sonic skates, signature superhero swimsuit, and Wonder Words Basket, Wonder Red uses word decoding, rhyming and blending skills on our story adventures. When she comes upon a word she reads it, then chooses a rhyming word from her Wonder Words Basket to change the situation so we can move forward in the story. If she comes upon a WALL, she might choose the word BALL to change the wall into a ball. Then we can help her roll it out of the way. Wonder Red is daring and adventurous, racing ahead to meet the wolf, climb the beanstalk, or get to the next chapter of our reading adventure. One thing is for sure: with her sassy personality, hip hop skating style, and knack for words, Wonder Red is ready to roll!